Supplementary Scalar Readings & Resources

Need help with Scalar? Very Handy Quickstart Guide on Scalar (in Scalar!) Customizing in Scalar (CSS) Scalar publications: Performing Archive: Curtis + “the vanishing race” Home: FemTechNet Critical Race and Ethnic Studies Pedagogy Workbook Amazing Martin Luther King Scalar Project On Scalar: McPherson, Tara. “Scaling Vectors: Thoughts on the Future of Scholarly Communication.” JEP 2010. Advertisements Continue reading Supplementary Scalar Readings & Resources

The Knotted Line

Week 6: Design, Knowledge Representation, Interface

Read: Balsamo, Anne. “Chapter 1: Gendering the Technological Imagination. Designing Culture: The technological imagination at work. Duke University Press, 2011. 27-50. Drucker, Johanna. “Humanities Approaches to Interface Theory.” Culture Machine 12.0 (2011): 1-20.  Tiptree J., James. “The Girl Who Was Plugged In.” 1974.  Explore: Vector/Scalar projects From Vectors (TBD): From Scalar: Pathfinders. Ed. Dene Grigar and Stuart Moulthrop. Scalar book. (this code is available … Continue reading Week 6: Design, Knowledge Representation, Interface